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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I don't know if any of you are taking advantage of the greatness that is Audioscrobbler, but if you are, you might find this new program to be a wonderful addition. For those of you who may not be using Audioscrobbler, it is a website that tracks what music you listen to. Check out my Audioscrobbler stats. In order to use it, you must register and download a plugin that corresponds to the software that you use for listening to music. In my case, that software is iTunes. After you install the plugin and play a song, the song is submitted to your stats at Audioscrobbler's website. This is great and all, but most of my music listening is done with my iPod. Up until now, the iPod couldn't submit the music that you've listened to to Audioscrobbler. So a lot of my music wasn't being sent to my account. Now that I have this little gem, my song counts should start rising rapidly.

So now you ask, "What is so great about Audioscrobbler keeping track of the music I listen to?" Great question! If you view my profile, you'll see a link called "Recommendations". This will pull up a page of artists that I haven't listened to, that are very similar to the artists that I currently enjoy. So it's a great way to discover new music. You can also click on an artist's name, and it will allow you to see other artists that are similar to this artist. Genius.

If you have an iPod, I highly recommend that you download this small program. You can get it at this thread at the Audioscrobbler forums.


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