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Monday, July 18, 2005

Show me the money!

I just discovered that next month, I'll be receiving three paychecks! I get paid every two weeks on Mondays. Next month is one of those magical months that happen twice a year, where I'll get paid on the 1st, 15th, and 29th. To me, this is almost like free money. So this entire extra check will get tucked away into savings and will be used to buy baby furniture in a few weeks. The wife is now 24 weeks pregnant, and we'll need to be buying a crib and carseat and stroller soon. This extra money will be perfect for this.

The baby is growing just fine, and mommy/wife is doing great too. Last night, we were laying in bed reading our respective copies of the new Harry Potter book (yes, we each have our own copy so that we don't have to share one) and the baby started kicking like crazy. I put my hand on her belly and felt him kick 5 times within a minute or two. It was very neat.

This extra money, along with knowing that I'll be able to draw unemployment after I get laid off, has greatly reduced my stress levels. This doesn't mean that I am slowing down on the job search though. I've recently had a phone interview with a company I would love to work for, and I have applied for the "perfect job" with a different company in Bowling Green. So hopefully, more luck will be coming my way very soon. But time is running out. In a desperate plea here, does anybody have any friends, family, or colleagues in or around Bowling Green that might be in a position to hire me? Right now, I am a Statistical Analyst. You can click here for my resume. As always, I'll keep you all posted on how things pan out.


At 10:31 AM, Blogger The Grish said...

Ah - I remember when I worked at an employer who used the "every 2 weeks" schedule of check issuance. You'd look forward to those 2 months like a kid lookes forward to Christmas.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Erica said...

i have a 3 paycheck month too this month! hooray!!
is this your first baby? if so, you guys should register for all the big stuff you need, like a car seat, crib, stroller and high chair. that way friends and family can help you out and you can save your money for the endless diapers, bottles, clothes and stuff.
good luck! :)

At 10:14 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Hooray for 3 check months!

Yes, this is our first. How are things going with your pregnancy? We've registered for all of that stuff, but I expect that we'll have to buy some of it at least. We're expecting to have to buy the crib and changing table at least, since that'll be so expensive.


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